Online English Writing Tutor

I have over twenty years experience teaching English Literature and Writing.
I have certifications for teaching High School English, Elementary School, and English as a second language.

I teach basic, reading, writing, and speaking skills to foreign language students.
We read out loud for pronunciation, and also work on reading comprehension, and vocabulary.
I focus on basic composition, sentence structure, and grammar.
I work with students to develop skills to handle homework assignments more efficiently.
I put emphasis on learning story structure to help them create more compelling narratives.

We also study subjects of interest as a a way to improve reading, writing and speaking skills.
I work online using Google Docs, Word, Zoom, or Skype.
I charge $50.00 per hour for one student, and $75.00 per hour for two at a time where I teach short ten week classes that focus on a particular writing topic.
I am available to work with adults as well.
I take payments via PayPal.

I would be happy to talk with you to help clarify your goals.

Thank you,

Brian Pauly
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